Our Process


Before we talk about the specifics of your investments, we will talk about the things that are most important to you: Family, Faith, Friends, Hobbies, Community. We want to find out what your experiences have been with money; what you have accomplished so far; and what you are feeling or worried about going forward.


After we "Discover" what your life goals and priorities are, we will assess your current situation and construct a framework for an investment strategy that supports reaching them.


During this phase, we will implement your investment strategy by recommending specific solutions to help meet your goals. But it does not end there...


Executing your plan is only the beginning. During the monitoring phase we will track the progress of your portfolio to keep your plan on target to your goals. We also know that...life happens, and when it does we will help you adjust your plan over time, as necessary.

We believe that each client deserves specialized investment advice. We spend a considerable amount of time preparing and developing individualized plans. We are careful to consider all factors relevant to investment decisions, such as - risk/reward levels, life-stage planning, estate strategies and others, as appropriate. We are committed to designing customized and innovative ways to better serve you.

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